Manual Sliding Driveway Gate Installation

The sliding driveway gate is designed to run on a track (purchase separately). A pair of wheels (purchased separately) are to be fixed to the bottom rail of the gate. The essential set-up involves a driveway post at the end position of the driveway, in which you attach a U-shaped gate stopper cradle (purchased separately) to this post. There is a second driveway gate post (middle post) which is set up in a position at the other end of the driveway. A pair of guide rollers (purchased separately) are fixed to the middle post to guide the sliding action of the gate when opening or closing. If choosing to have a manual sliding driveway gate, that will be all that is required to operate it successfully. (You may also attach a driveway gate D-latch to keep the driveway gate closed).

To download the complete Rally Sliding Driveway Gate Installation instructions, please use the link below:

Sliding Driveway Gate Installation

driveway gates


The installation of your manual sliding driveway gate is made easier if you use the relevant components. 

Together with the 2 driveway gate posts, you will need to purchase the following items to assist you with your manual installation:  

Post Cradle “U” Shape  Bolt Down Track 
To attach to driveway gate end post – holds gate in closed position.   Post Cradle U Shape  Available in 3m, 4m or 6m lengths.  Bolt Down Track
Driveway Gate D-latch   Recessed Gate Wheel Set 
To latch sliding driveway gate to end post. Left hand and right hand opening available. (only required if not installing automation kit).    Driveway Gate D Latch 1 set required per driveway gate. (2 x 90mm diameter wheels in housing)   Recessed Gate Wheel Set
Top Guide Roller Set     
1 set required per driveway gate ( 2 rollers plus bracket) Top Guide Roller Set